Out and about in London City

El pasado 3 de noviembre iniciamos un viaje de 17 días que nos llevaría a Inglaterra, India y Dubai. La salida para la India estaba planeada para el día 5, por tanto, decidimos aprovechar y pasar el día 4 en Londres.
Mi marido me dijo “es tu cumpleaños, así que hacemos lo que a tí te apetezca”, poniéndome en un compromiso. A mí no me gusta una mierda mucho tener que elegir, por lo que decidí hacer un pequeño tour y visitar algunos de mis lugares favoritos de la capital británica.

Aquí tenéis el recorrido que he bautizado como “Out and about in London City”.I love London

Starting by the Eros statue in Piccadilly Circus, turn right and walk towards Leicester Square. Get into any of the souvenir shops and buy something to remind you of this fascinating city.

Once you’ve reached Leicester Square, check out the clock at the Swiss Embassy -which, by the way seems to have been replaced by a shop (??). Either way, don’t worry because the clock is still there; See also the Charles Chaplin statue, the Odeon cinema, and the Haagen Dazs store.

Go straight on and keep walking until you reach Covent Garden. The market is awesome as well as the buildings in the area. You’ll absolutely love the shops and the live music.

Go back to Piccadilly Circus (tube station of the same name), walk to Regent Street and grab a bite in any of the cafes around.
Now you’re well fed and rested, walk towards Oxford Circus. Visit Hamleys, the oldest toy shop in town -established in 1760.

Walk or take the tube to the Sherlock Holmes Museum just outside Baker Street tube station. Located in the 221b, actually around no. 235, it displays a very comprehensive collection of the literary detective’s “memorabilia”.

Get on the tube again and head for the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. The former is the place where Henry VIII used to take his wives and any other important enemies to ‘get rid of them’. The latter is my favourite London landmark. So far I haven’t seen any pictures that could capture the beauty of this monument.
Have a tea or a coffee in a Starbucks in the area and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Go back to the tube and go towards Westminster to see the Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. You can also take a ride in London’s famous ferris wheel, the London Eye. Opened to celebrate the new millennium, it’s still standing there after 11 years. My feeling is that they’re trying to make this an iconic landmark, very much like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which was built for the 1889 World’s Fair.

If you’re not too tired, take a walk around St. James’s Park (I still cringe whenever I see the “s’s” thingy, by the way) and check out whether Queen Elizabeth II is at home in Buckingham Palace -you’ll know she’s there if the Union Jack is showing in the flagpole on top of the palace, a nice tip for terrorists according to my hubby.

Finish this tour by having dinner in a restaurant in the Victoria Station area -I had dinner in an italian place named “Gran Paradiso” in Wilton Road.

And thus concludes my tour of London, one of the greatest cities in the world.

Satisfaction Level: Very high
Difficulty: Low
Time To Complete: 8-10 hours
Overall rating: 10/10



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