Is the person who ends a relationship obligated to tell the truth about why? (We’ve all been kept wondering at some point)

‘It’s not you, it’s me’, ‘You deserve someone better’. These two excuses are a small example of very common phrases in breakups; I don’t have a lot of experience in breakups (thankfully) but, although I believe people should be as honest as possible, reality says otherwise.

When it comes to breaking up, most of us want a fast, painless, and no-questions-asked process. We want to disentangle ourselves from what we think it is a burden as quickly as it’s humanly possible… usually to run to the arms of another person a few seconds later. This new relationship will most likely fail as well, since we haven’t waited enough to be ready to start again with someone else.

I think that this question has another question hidden inside that must be answered before giving a final answer to this one. ‘Is it always good to tell the truth?’. Well sometimes it isn’t. There are times when it’s better to tell white lies like, for example, ‘no, those trousers don’t make your arse look big at all’ than to hurt the other person.

Bottom line is, that although I think the person who is dumped deserves a sincere explanation, I do believe that in most cases it’s better to hear those shi**y excuses than to hear the ugly truth.



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