What was your best experience with a teacher?

I’ve had good experiences with good teachers during my academic life. However, the most notable of them was with the best Maths teacher I’ve had the pleasure to meet.

When I was at school I hated Maths. It was the only subject in which I got F after F in the exams.

Things changed when I went to High School… What a difference a motivated teacher makes!. Teachers at Primary School were either nuns or old ladies -or old nuns. Basically, people who were burnt worn out and wanted to retire asap.
In High School I met the best Maths teacher in the world. She was a middle-aged, soft spoken, and patient woman. She made lessons interesting and, moreover, made the subject understandable and easy. She’s taught at several different schools and I know everyone who’s been in her classes would agree with me 🙂



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