“Dracula” – Bram Stoker

Original language: English.

First edition: 1897.

Date read: May 2009.

Plot summary: Jonathan Harker, a solicitor, travels to Count Dracula’s castle in the Carpathian Mountains to provide him with legal support to purchase a house in England. While at the beginning Jonathan is surprised and somehow amused with his host’s manners, he soon finds out there’s something very wrong with him.

Mina Murray, Harker’s fiancée, spends a few days with her best friend (Lucy Westenra) in Whitby, Northern England, while waiting for Jonathan to return home. During this time, the strangest accident occurs in the area, an unmanned ship’s wrecked and a werewolf-like creature escapes from it. A few days later, punctures appear in Lucy’s neck.
At the same time, an inmate in an asylum raves about the inminent arrival of his “Master”. This person meets Dracula and even serves as a “human radar” to indicate the Count’s proximity; The doctor who’s taking care of this person is one of Lucy’s three suitors, Dr John Seward.

As Lucy’s health deteriorates and Dr. Seward can’t do anything else to save her, he asks his friend Dr Abraham Van Helsing for help. Van Helsing is, as we later learn, an expert in the vampire world.

Story unravels and they all end up chasing Count Dracula and meeting him as he travels back home, to his castle in Transylvania.

Opinion: The best book ever written, in my honest opinion.
The novel is told through a series of interesting letters, diary entries, ship’s log entries, and so forth. Most of those items are written by the main characters of the novel.

This is a great story that can make you learn more about the undead (vampires). The best characters are, in my opinion, Dracula himself and Dr Van Helsing.

If you read this book, you’ll appreciate the topic enough to avoid those crappy low quality “Twilight” and “True Blood” stories.

Personal rating: 10/10



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