What was your first surreal moment? (Where you even questioned if it were really going on, if you were actually dreaming, etc.)

A few years ago during one my sister-in-law’s hen do we went to have dinner at a nice restaurant.

There was this waiter who seemed nice and normal and who got drunk and extremely familiar with some of the girls in the group. He made a complete fool of himself and made everyone uncomfortable. As a result of this, he was kicked out of his job towards the end of the dinner.

The situation was the most surreal and embarrassing one of my whole life and there was even a time when I’d have kicked him or punched him in the face for being a prick.

Well, in the end it turned out to be a prank for my soon-to-be sister-in-law. The waiter was an actor playing a part. I have to acknowledge that he did an excellent job because every time I remember that night I get anxious and think about the moment I wanted to punch him.

I also laugh whenever I remember my sister’s and my other sisters-in-law’s comments about my angry face 😀



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