What did you wind up liking that you didn’t want anything to do with at first? (Everybody’s got one. Go get a Prompter if need be)

Chinese food and Chinese restaurants. You know? There’s this urban myth that says that these people cook things and make them look like chicken, veal, etc.

A few decades ago I swore I’d never ever get into a Chinese restaurant, let alone trying their food.

Well, there was this time, about 12 years ago, when I went out to have dinner with my brother and his then girlfriend. They decided to go to a Chinese restaurant and I agreed. To be honest, I don’t know what was going through my mind at the moment that made me overcome the clear aversion I felt for those places.

Bottom line is, and I don’t want to sound like Justin Bieber, NEVER SAY NEVER.

Happy New Chinese Year - explored


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