“The Discovery Of The Titanic” – Dr Robert D Ballard

Original language: Englishdiscovery_of_the_titanic

First edition: 1987

Date read: January 2013

Plot summary (from the back cover): “She was the deep ocean’s deepest greatest secret -the ship they said could never be found…”

This book is an account of the quest for the world’s greatest ocean liner, RMS Titanic. This ship , which sunk in her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York in April 1912, was the most luxurious liner at the time.

It starts with an analysis of the causes of the sinking. Then, it follows up with the different attempts to find the wreck. And it finishes with the expedition that eventually found the Titanic.

Opinion/Comments: This is another of those books that I just couldn’t put down.
It gives a brief insight into the space-age technology used to find the wreck. We can also feel the ups and downs on the morale of the people involved in the expeditions.

The book includes a bunch of images of the ship. Some of them are original images taken during the trip and some others are underwater snapshots.
When you reach the photos section you can feel nothing but sadness and respect for those people whose lives where lost when the ship sank. Some people compare this with the events of September 11th, 2001 in New York. Why was it so dramatic? Because in this ship, just like in the World Trade Center in 9/11, there were all kinds of people and also because after this event the world was not the same again.

What saddens me the most is that once the ship was found it was “the beginning of the end” for it. I, just like Dr Robert Ballard, think that the treasure hunters are plain and simply desecreting a cemetery. I agree with Dr Ballard when he says that it should be protected against those kind of people.
Mind that he mentioned once that there was more damage made to the wreck in the 25 years after it was found than in the 70-odd years that it spent alone in its resting place at the bottom of the ocean.

Personal rating: 10/10



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