“Rosslyn. Guardian Of The Secrets Of The Holy Grail” – Tim Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins

Original language: English20130405-011338.jpg

First edition: 1999

Date read: February-March 2013

Plot summary (from the back cover): “The compelling story of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, the ultimate destination in a timeless quest for the mystical Holy Grail”.

Divided in three parts, it starts with a brief history of Rosslyn Chapel, 7 miles away from Edinburgh, and the mysteries, myths and legends behind it. Then, it follows up with an account of the development of the western esoteric tradition -the sophisticated Celts, gnosticism, the Knights Templar and the rise of the Gothic.
The book ends with the pilgrimage of the authors from Santiago de Compostela in Spain to Rosslyn via Toulouse, Chartres, Paris, Amiens and Orleans. Thus, travelling The Way of St James in reverse, following an old path to enlightenment.

Opinion/Comments: One of the books used by Dan Brown to write “The DaVinci Code”.
Although I really missed more information about the Rosslyn Chapel itself, I have to say that it’s a very interesting essay on religion, culture, knowledge, mysticism and faith. The authors give an insight on the foundations of Christianity and on the manipulations of the Roman Catholic Church to keep or bury facts to their advantage.

Personal rating: 10/10



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