Random texts 04 – English for Academic Purposes

This week is the last week of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “English for Academic Purposes” taught by the University of Reading through the FutureLearn.com platform.

See below my final essay.

Title: Discuss the reasons why teleworking is becoming commonplace.

The number of individuals choosing to work from home is growing steadily since 2010. Multinational companies in the IT sector are seeing the beneficial impact of allowing their employees to work from home. Improvement in the work-life balance of the workers as well as an increase in their productivity have tipped the balance in its favour. This essay explores the various reasons behind the growing popularity of teleworking.

Teleworking allows employees to improve their work-life balance. People can now spend more quality time with their families and take a more active role in the education of their offspring. This work option is becoming more common among mothers of babies under 6 months of age because it makes it easier for them to return to the world of work. In the past, they used to wait until the child had celebrated his or her first birthday in order to avoid leaving him or her at the care of relatives or kindergarten teachers.

Moreover, teleworking makes it easier for companies to fill in job positions. Recent improvements in telecommunications, greater access to the Internet, and lower air fares are proving that there are less geographical restrictions and now firms such as HP and Convergys, among others, can recruit valuable people living in other cities, regions or even countries.

Additionally, it increases the revenues of those businesses allowing the workforce to do their duties from the comfort of their homes. Corporations can now reduce their operational costs because employees are not sitting in a physical location paid for by the company. In addition, teleworking helps improve the productivity of the employees since they no longer waste valuable time commuting.

In conclusion, teleworking is creating a new trend in the job environment. It enhances the employees’ work-life balance, it helps companies benefit from the recruitment point of view, and it makes revenues of those companies grow by reducing costs and increasing the productivity of their workforce.
Corporations are seeing the benefits of teleworking year after year, therefore it is no wonder that the number of those accepting and adapting to teleworking will grow in the near future.



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