“Raise the Titanic!” – Clive Cussler

Original language: EnglishCCussler-RiseTheTitanic

First edition: 1976

Date read: May 2011

Plot summary: The story takes place during the last years of the Cold War. A group of scientists are trying to build a missile shield for the USA. To make it work, they need a rare mineral (Bizanio). The search for this mineral takes them to the RMS Titanic’s resting place, at the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean, where whe people who originally extracted it were last seen.

This novel portrays the attempts to recover this mineral by the Americans. At the same time, they fight the Russians and find out there are some “rats” among the crew.

Opinion/Comments: A very fine piece of writing that deserves the top score.

Personal rating: 10/10



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